Required documents

Required Documents to make a transfer with

In accordance with our internal procedures and with the requirements set out by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for all financial institutions, customers who are sending a one-off transfer or a few small ones, where the sum exceeds the equivalent of 1000 EUR, are required to complete a full registration. This can be done by submitting copies of the following documents:

Documents confirming identity:

  • Passport
  • ID card

Documents confirming your address:

  • British Driving Licence
  • Official letter from a bank, with a visible name and current address of the client
  • Bank statement with a visible bank account number (we accept PDF files)
  • Credit card statement with a visible credit card number
  • Other official letters from, for example, Home Office or HM Revenue and Customs
  • Bills, e.g. Council tax, Telephone, Gas, Electricity or Water bills
  • Letter from your employer, which shows a full address of the firm

In the case of customers living in Poland, who are sending money to the UK, we will require Polish documents equivalent to those listed above (NOTE: we do not accept a Polish driving license).

The above documents confirming the sender’s address must include: visible full name of the sender, their address and date of the letter being produced (this cannot be older than three months).

Above documents can be added in the form of a scan to the Client Portal, under ‘Document Copies’.

Documents which we do not accept:

  • Polish Driving Licence
  • Bills for mobile phones or Broadband
  • Incomplete documents (when only part of the page is visible)
  • Print screens of bank statements
  • Photocopy of an envelope
  • Medical cards
  • Other documents which do not have a date of the letter being produced

In case of large money transfers, the customer may be required to provide us with additional documents confirming the source of the money.