Required documents

Documents required for transfers

According to the requirements of financial institutions and our own regulations, in the event of exceeding the limit of EUR 1000 the customer (sender of the transfer) is obliged to provide us with a copy of the following two documents:

One of the following documents as a proof of ID:

  • An ID card (a copy of both sides of an ID card)
  • A passport

One of the documents below as a proof of address:

  • A bank statement with visible first name, surname and address (we also accept electronic bank statements in PDF format)
  • A debit card/credit card with visible first name, surname and address
  • An official letter from a bank with the first name, surname and current customer’s address
  • A letter from an employer confirming the address with full company details
  • Bills – e.g. Council Tax Bill, energy, gas, water or landline telephone bills (we do not accept mobile telephone and Internet bills)
  • A British driving licence (issued in the UK Mainland, driving licences issued in Northern Ireland are not accepted)
  • Official letters – e.g. Home Office, HM Revenue & Customs, with a visible customer number/reference number
  • A confirmation of an academic scholarship or other scholarship with a visible customer number/reference number

In the case of customers residing in Poland and sending money to the EU, Polish equivalents of the above – mentioned documents confirming identity and address of residence will be required. Note! We do not accept Polish driving licences.

The above – mentioned documents confirming the address must contain: the first name and surname of the sender of the transfer, address of residence and date of issuing the document which is not older than 3 months.

The above – mentioned copies of documents in the form of electronic files (scans, legible photographs of good quality, PDF) are imported by the customer to the “Document Scans” tab in their customer’s panel.

Documents not accepted by us:

  • Polish driving licence
  • Mobile phone and Internet bills
  • Incomplete documents (partially copied pages)
  • Screenshot of a bank statement
  • Photocopies of an envelope with an address
  • Medical cards
  • Other documents without a clear date of issue

In justified cases the customer may be asked to provide additional documents confirming the source of the money. Optionally, documents confirming the conduct of business activity.

In the event of any questions or doubts concerning the required documents, please contact an consultant or send us a message using the “Contact the operator” tab in your customer’s panel.