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Questions about transfers

  • I do not use internet banking; can I deposit funds at a bank branch into your account?

    No, we do not accept cash payments (at bank branches), only internet transfers from your own private bank account. In the case of business clients – we accept transfers from a company account.

  • Can I send money from a bank account other than my own?

    No. The transfer must be made only from your own personal bank account or business account for business customers.

  • Is it possible for another person to order a transfer other than the person whose bank account the payment has been sent from?

    No. A transfer may only be ordered by the person who made the payment from his own bank account. If the payment is received by a bank account other than the client of the transfer, the Client will be asked to register the bank account in our service and order the transfer in his own Client Portal.

  • Can you pay for the transfer by card?

    Yes, for transfers to Poland with a value of up to GBP 200 or to the UK with a value of up to PLN 1000, you can choose the card payment option.

  • Will the declared amount be automatically withdrawn from my bank account when I order a transfer?

    No, the client must make the transfer of funds from his own account to our bank account.

  • Are all transfers free?

    Only transfers when the amount is more than 2000 GBP (transfers to Poland) and 10000 PLN (transfers to the UK) are completely free. We charge a fee of 2 GBP or 10 PLN per each of the transfers and payments made to our account that are below 2000 GBP or 10000 PLN.

  • Is it possible to make a transfer to Poland on a foreign exchange account?

    Transfers to Poland are only made to PLN accounts.

  • How long do transfers between Great Britain and Poland take?

    • Time of transfer from UK to Poland:
      If you made the payment before 15:00 Polish time on a business day, then the money will be in Poland on the recipient's account on the same day, and on later payments, on the same day or on the next business day from the date of payment to our account.
    • Time of transfer from Poland to UK:
      If PLN is credited to our account before 16:00 Polish time on a business day, then the money will be in the recipient's account in the UK on the same day, and in the case of payment after 16:00 Polish time, money in the recipient’s account will be on the same day or at the latest on the next business day from the date of payment to our account in Poland. Transfers made on Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays will be credited to the recipient's account on the first working day after the holiday.

  • Is it possible to send money directly to a given home address in Poland?

    It is not possible. The recipient must have a PLN account at any bank in Poland.

  • What should I do if the recipient has not received the transfer in the expected time?

    If the recipient of the transfer did not receive the money in the expected time, please let us know so that we can explain the reason for the delay as soon as possible. Additionally, please use the "Contact operator" tab in your Client Portal.

  • What happens if I provide an invalid recipient account number?

    If the money was sent to a non-existent account number, the money will be returned to our account. The client will be notified of this fact by e-mail, and the transfer will be withheld until the Client provides the correct account number. However, if the incorrect transfer has been made to an existing account, the client must immediately notify us so that we can contact the recipient's bank as soon as possible and request a refund.

  • Will I receive information from you that my transfer has been completed?

    Yes, the client will automatically receive confirmation of the transfer by e-mail at the time of its implementation by us. In addition, information about the status of submitted transfers is displayed in the client's portal in the "Payment history" tab.

  • Can I get a bank confirmation of the transaction?

    Yes, if there is such a need, we will send such confirmation to the Client's email address. In most cases, clients will receive a confirmation in PDF format, which you can download by going to the "Payment history" to then selecting the "Payment details" tab.

  • I sent money to your account but forgot to order a transfer, what will happen?

    The transferred amount will remain in our account until the transfer is made by the Client.

  • I sent a transfer order, but I forgot to or could not send money to your account, what will happen?

    The order is active for 3 days, if after this time we do not notice the inflow of funds to our account, the order is deleted.

  • Can I pay a phone bill or repay loan instalments in Poland?

    Of course. It is possible.

  • Will the recipient of my transfer incur any additional fees in his bank?

    No, the recipient of the transfer does not bear any additional fees.

  • I sold a property in the UK (in Poland) and I want to send a larger amount to Poland (UK), are there any limits?

    In addition to the standard registration on our site, our internal regulations governing international money transfer require that the sender, by making a one-off transfer over 10 000 EUR, provide a copy of the document confirming the source of cash (in this case, it may be a property sale agreement). Additionally, before making the transaction, please contact our consultants by phone.

Questions about required documents

  • Are any documents required from the sender of the transfer?

    For transfers above the equivalent of EUR 1,000 or when the sum of minor transfers exceeds the equivalent of EUR 1,000, the sender is required to present documents confirming the identity (passport or ID card) and documents confirming the address of residence in the UK (e.g. a letter from HMRC, bank or a bill, on which is the sender's name, current address and date of issue of the document). Required documents – link. This obligation results from the act on counteracting the so-called money laundering.

  • Why are documents required?

    The law requires from us financial security measures, monitoring and control of all transactions that are carried out through our company. We require that for each transaction above the equivalent of EUR 1,000 (or when the sum of minor transfers exceeds the equivalent of EUR 1,000) the sender's identity has been confirmed. According to the AML Rules, the transaction may be stopped if the required documents are not submitted.

  • How can I provide the required documents?

    Log in to your Client Portal, select the "Scan Documents" tab and upload files. Optionally, you can send your documents by e-mail to the following address:

  • Do you have to confirm your identity every time?

    No. If the documents have already been delivered once, the client does not have to re-confirm his identity.

  • What will happen if the customer refuses to comply with the document submission procedure?

    Our company may refuse to transfer money. In the case of transfer of false personal data by the client or at the time of suspicion of possible so-called "Money laundering" or other criminal activity, we are legally obliged to report such a fact to appropriate authorities without disclosing this fact to the Client.

  • How is the customer data protected?

    All data of customers are kept strictly confidential and are not made available to any other entities, except for trusted entities involved in the money transfer process. Our company complies with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection called - RODO).


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