Business money transfers between the UK and Poland's Business offer

Thanks to many years of experience, we have created a special offer for businesses, which will significantly simplify your firm's financial operations between Poland and Great Britain. It will also save you time and money.

  • Transfers from UK to Poland, as well as from Poland to Great Britain are free if above 2000 GBP or 10000 PLN.
  • There are no additional costs to the recipient.
  • Special currency exchange rates for businesses are available, please negotiate by calling us.
  • Your foreign obligations will be settled immediately, without the need to leave your office.

Important: We support all banks in UK and Poland. Additionally, for your convenience, we have opened accounts in nine banks in Poland (in order to speed up all operations):

  • Bank PKO BP
  • Bank PEKAO SA
  • mBank
  • Bank ING.
  • Alior Bank
  • BNP Paribas
  • Credit Agricole
  • SGB - Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa

We invite you to register on our website. It will only take a few minutes.

Get Started Now

Procedure for payment realisation (new clients only):

  1. Register on our website,
  2. Attach all required documents in your Customer Profile,
  3. Send Pounds in Great Britain or Zlotys in Poland to one of our accounts,
  4. Make a payment notification/request,
  5. Once we receive your notification, and your funds come into our account, your transfer will be completed and visible in the foreign account of your recipient, often within minutes or, at the latest, up to one working day,
  6. We will send you an e-mail notification (to the given e-mail address) confirming your transfer completion.