Money transfer to Poland 4.7000 0.00% 

Money transfer to G. Britain 4.8450 -0.21% 

Money transfer to Poland 4.7000 0.00% 

Money transfer to G. Britain 4.8450 -0.21% 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I use your service all the time, but now I would like to send money to a different recipient – what do I have to do?

All you have to do is add the details of the new recipient in your Customer Profile.

2. Is it possible to pay money into your account at a bank's branch?

No, we do not accept ANY cash payments into our account. You can make a transfer from your personal bank account directly to our account. This can also be done using online banking.

3. If I pay the money in before midday, when will it arrive in the recipients account?

If the money is paid in before midday, the payment will appear in the recipients’ account on the same day.

If the money is paid in in the afternoon, the payment will appear either on the same day or on the next working day. Payments made at the weekend or bank holidays will be accounted for on the next working day.

4. Can I pay for a transfer using a debit or credit card?

No, we currently do not offer this service.

5. Can a different person pay money into your account if I make a payment notification from my customer profile?

No, we only accept payments from persons' registered on our system. The person making a payment will have to separately register on our website and make a payment notification in their own Customer Profile.

6. Will funds be taking directly out of my account when I submit a payment notification in my Customer Profile?

No, the customer has to make the transfer of funds themselves, by making a payment to using online banking.

7. Are all transfers free of charge?

Only transfers above 100 GBP (transfers to PL) and 500 PLN (transfers to UK) are free of charge. For transfers below these amounts, a charge of 3 GBP or 15 PLN will be deducted from the amount sent to our account.

8. I would like to send a large amount of money, can I negotiate the exchange rate?

Yes, if you are sending an amount exceeding £3000.00, you might be able to negotiate the exchange rate.

9. I own a Polish shop, and would like to pay for goods in Poland – do I still have to pay the fee?

The transfer will only be free if the amount exceeds 100 GBP or 500 PLN.

10. The account number that I was sending money to has changed – what do I have to do?

You can simply create a new recipient with the correct details on your Client Portal.

11. Why do I have to supply identity confirming documents with a transfer exceeding the equivalent of 1000 EUR?

We are required to ask for these documents by the Money Laundering Regulation. You have to supply these documents when registering.

12. Will I receive confirmation that the transfer has been carried out?

Yes, after the transfer is carried out, we will send you confirmation to your e-mail address, which will confirm the exchange rate used in the transaction and the amount sent to the recipient.

13. Will the recipient in Poland receive any additional charges?

No, the recipient will not have any additional charges.

14. Can I pay any bills in Poland using your firm?

Yes, you can pay all of your bills using our services.

15. Can I send money in sterling, to a sterling account in Poland?

No, we only carry out transfers to PLN bank accounts in polish zloty.

16. Can I receive a bank confirmation of the transfer?

Yes, if you need a bank confirmation, please let us know, and we will send this to your e-mail.

17. Do I have to let you know about the payment?

Yes, this is necessary. Letting us know about the payment is also a request to transfer your money. Without such information, the transfer will not be carried out.


Transactions over
10,000 GBP:

to Poland4.7500 

to UK4.7990 

Negotiations available
from 2,000 GBP

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