England.pl Sp. z o.o. complaints procedure

1)    England.pl Sp. z o.o. is supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and applies all recommendations made by the KNF (Uchwała Nr 116/11 Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego dated 10.05.2011)

2)    A customer who is unsatisfied with the standards of our customer services can make a complaint by:
•    Making a phone call
•    Writing a letter
•    Sending an e-mail
•    Writing a message directly from the Customer Panel

3)    In order to accept the complaint, we require the person complaining to know personal details of the sender, recipient and other details of the transaction. In order to comply with the Data Protection Act, we cannot give any information to individuals who do not know the full details mentioned above. All your complaints will be recorded in a complaints register, and each will receive a unique reference number.  Most often, we are able to correct the misunderstanding very quickly, and can offer satisfying explanations over the phone. In more complicated matters, we will provide you with in depth explanations with regards to a particular transaction. Outcomes and comments made in previous complaints will be used to improve the level of our customer service.

4)    We will do everything we can to ensure that your complaint is investigated and a reply given in the agreed time period. Our maximum time period for an initial response is 7 working days from the day we receive your complaint. If we, for some reason, are unable to give you a satisfying answer in this time period, we will provide you with a temporary response which will inform you of the actions we are taking to investigate the matter, as well as a date by which we aim to provide a full explanation and solution to your complaint. Usually, however, we manage to deal with all issues within a few hours of the complaint being placed. We reserve the right to the 7-day period in more complicated cases, where, for example, the money has not reached the recipient. This long period is caused by the fact that many banks do not investigate complaints before 5 working days pass. The first response to your complaint should have a satisfactory outcome. If this is not the case, however, we welcome you to respond by writing to our company, which will lead to our reassessment of the matter and hopefully, we will be able to reach a satisfactory outcome.

5)    We will keep records of all complaints made, and England.pl Sp. z o.o.  will investigate complaints according to procedures set up by KNF.

6)    If, for some reason, a fast response to your complaint cannot be given, we will provide you with the reasons why and propose a different date of arriving at an outcome of the complaint. If the complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction, and you cannot accept the extended period of time proposed or have not received a reply within 8 weeks of the complaint being placed, you can contact the Municipal and District Consumer Ombudsmen.
Detailed procedure of dealing with complaints

7)    Confirmation
We aim to send a confirmation of receiving the complaint within 5 working days of the date received. If our solution and decision is not seen as satisfying, you will receive information about the complaint’s procedure and your right to refer the complaint to the Municipal and District Consumer Ombudsmen. You will also receive contact details of the employee that will be dealing with your complaint.

8)    Our Complaints Officer is:
    Dominika Grzesik
    England.pl Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 45
    75-502 Koszalin
    e-mail: reklamacje@england.pl
    tel.: +48 94 342 76 45

9)    Address to which you can appeal:
    England.pl Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 45
    75-502 Koszalin

10)    Initial Response
Our maximum time period for an initial response is 7 working days from the day we receive your complaint.

11)    Response
The person placing the complaint will receive a reply no later than 4 weeks after the complaint is received, which will contain details of all planned activities required to investigate the matter, any results of investigations already undertaken, as well as, if appropriate, a proposal of compensation. The letter will also contain details of customer rights and contact details of the employee dealing with your complaint.

12)    Final Response
When the investigation has come to an end, we will send the customer a summary of results achieved. Where appropriate, the letter may include information on a proposal of compensation. This type of correspondence will be seen as the final response. If the response you receive is not satisfactory, or the compensation proposed is seen as inappropriate, you will receive the details of the Municipal and District Consumer Ombudsmen, whom you may contact to refer the case further. We aim to send the final response no longer than 8 weeks from the date the complaint is received.

13)    When all other routes are exhausted, an unsatisfied customer can appeal the final decision and ask for reconsideration. If a customer receives an unsatisfactory, in their view, response yet again, they may seek compensation through contacting Municipal and District Consumer Ombudsmen, and if necessary, through a court case.

14)     When the investigation comes to an end, we will record all decisions offered and will change the status of the complaint as ‘investigated, but not solved’. Once a complaint reaches this status, you are then entitled to take the complaint further by contacting the Municipal and District Consumer Ombudsmen.