Money transfer to Poland 4.9900 -0.20% 

Money transfer to G. Britain 5.0990 -0.51% 

Money transfer to Poland 4.9900 -0.20% 

Money transfer to G. Britain 5.0990 -0.51% 

Anti-money laundering

CrossbarFX Ltd, together with its Polish partner Company Sp. z o.o., as entities which carry out transfers in the financial market, according to the relevant laws, are obliged to carry out all necessary actions to prevent any money laundering activities. This term refers to any transactions that are carried out to conceal the source of illegally obtained funds. Therefore, we comply with all laws which are in place to prevent money laundering activities and any form of terrorism funding. We realise that such compliance can sometimes be inconvenient for our customers and would therefore like to apologise in advance.

According to the Money Laundering Regulations of 2007, we are obliged to conform with the following:

  • Confirming the identity of our clients
  • Registering and monitoring of all transactions
  • Designating of a trained employee who can deal with all AML matters
  • Continuous training of our employees within the area of AML
  • Continuous development of our internal anti-money laundering system
  • Retaining of all relevant money transfer documents for 5 years
  • Asking customers to show documents confirming source of funds, when transactions exceed 10 000 GBP

Additionally, CrossbarFX Ltd is registered with HM Customs and Excise as a Money Service Business (registration no. 12232355). We are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority – registration no. 535761. These institutions regulate the financial market industry and make sure that regulations are adhered to at all times.

Legally binding regulations active in Great Britain:

The Money Laundering Regulations 2007

Legally binding regulations active in Poland.

Ustawa o przeciwdziałaniu wprowadz. do obrotu wartości majątkowych pochodzących z nielegalnych źródeł

Anti-Money Laundering - guidance (published by HMRC) for customers using Money Service Businesses

Protecting Society Against Crime and Terrorism (Polish version)

More information about what is required of money transfer companies, with regards to anti-money laundering, can be found in the extensive guidance booklet published by the HMRC:

MLR 2007 Supervision of Money Service Businesses (English version)


Transactions over
10,000 GBP:

to Poland5.0200 

to UK5.0590 

Negotiations available
from 2,000 GBP

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